Detectioneering, a gerund!

Detectioneering, a gerund!


A what you ask? A gerund, yes that’s a thing.

A gerund is a verb form that ends in -ing and functions as a noun in a sentence. It is derived from a verb but serves as a different part of speech. Gerunds can be used as subjects, objects, or complements in a sentence.

With that explanation out of the way (thanks ChatGPT), Detectioneering in my humble opinion stands for and represents the action or process of detecting cyber threats and applying techniques such as Detection Engineering, Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence, and Adversary Emulation.

It’s the cross section of knowledge, skills, and abilities that represent both the art and science of detecting threats. While detection engineering can be dismissively reduced to simplistic query jockeying; I hope to use this blog to dive into the complex relationship of these tradecrafts and both the external and internal dynamics that can shape and mature a Detectioneering capability to, you know, detect threats.

I hope to keep these posts concise while I attempt to cover the wide range of topics that can fall within Detectioneering and most importantly, engage and learn along the way with you.